Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change

Greg Satell

McGraw Hill, 2019

Agent: Jill Marr

What does it take to change the world? This book will show you how to harness the power of CASCADES to create a revolutionary movement!

If you could make a change?any change you wanted?what would it be?  Would it be something in your organization or your industry? Maybe something it’s in your community or throughout society as a whole? 

Creating true change is never easy. Most startups don’t survive. Most community groups never get beyond small local actions. Even when a spark catches fire and protesters swarm the streets, it often seems to fizzle out almost as fast as it started. The status quo is, almost by definition, well entrenched and never gives up without a fight.

In this groundbreaking book, one of today's top innovation experts delivers a guide for driving transformational change. To truly change the world or even just your little corner of it, you don’t need a charismatic leader or a catchy slogan. What you need is a cascade: small groups that are loosely connected but united by a common purpose. 

As individual entities, these groups may seem inconsequential, but when they synchronize their collective behavior as networks, they become immensely powerful. Through the power of cascades, a company can be made anew, an industry disrupted, or even an entire society reshaped. As Satell takes us through past and present movements, he explains exactly why and how some succeed while others fail. 


"Greg Satell's Cascades is among the most useful, engaging, and well-crafted books ever written on how to start and sustain large-scale change. Satell does a masterful job of weaving cases, stories, and evidence to illustrate the nuances of his simple formula--small groups, loosely connected, but united by a common purpose?and to show when and how leaders can use these elements to spread ideas and change organizations for the better."
Robert Sutton, bestselling author of Good Boss, Bad Boss and Scaling Up Excellence

"One of the great puzzles of history is how enduring business, political, and social orders can crumble without warning, seemingly overnight. In Cascades, Greg Satell lucidly combines insights from network science, historical case studies, and his own experience living through Ukraine's Orange Revolution in 2004, to deliver a thought provoking account of this profound phenomenon. Cascades is essential reading for policy makers, business leaders and social activists alike.”
Duncan J. Watts, author of Six Degrees