Jill Marr

Jill is an agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.

She graduated from SDSU with a BA in English with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in history. She has a strong Internet and media background and over 15 years of publishing experience. She wrote features and ads for Pages, the literary magazine for people who love books, and continues to write book ads for publishing houses, magazine pieces, and promotional features for television.

After writing ad copy and features for published books for years, she knows how to find a project’s "hook" and sell it.

Jill is interested in commercial fiction, with an emphasis on mysteries, thrillers, and horror, women's commercial fiction and historical fiction. She is also looking for non-fiction by authors with a fresh message who are getting their work published regularly and who have a realistic sense of the market and their audience. Jill is looking for non-fiction projects in the areas of science, history, narrative non-fiction, sports, politics, current events, health & nutrition, pop culture, humor, music, and very select memoir.

Some of Jill's recent and soon-to-be-published non-fiction includes the New York Times best-selling The Vagina Bible (Citadel Press) by Dr. Jennifer Gunter; Dear White Women (Sounds True) by Karen Fleshman; Keep Marching (Hachette) by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, the co-founder of MomsRising; Aurora (Berkley Press) by Dr. Lynne Fenton; Ali on Ali (Workman) by the daughter of Muhammad Ali, Hana Ali; Becoming Heumann (Beacon Press) by American disability activist Judith Heumann; counterterrorism professional Farhana Qazi's Invisible Martyrs (Berrett-Koehler Publishers); White Like Her (Skyhorse) by Gail Lukasik; Walking Through Anger (Sounds True) by Dr. Christian Conte, the host of USA Networks’ The Secret Life of Kids; paranormal investigator Nick Groff's Chasing Spirits (NAL);  Escaping the Rabbit Hole (Skyhorse) by science writer and professional debunker Mick West; The Chosen Few (Da Capo) by USA Today writer Gregg Zoroya; Teaching Kids to Think (Sourcebooks) by Darlene Sweetland, PhD and Ron Stolberg, PhD; Press One for English (The New Press) by Washington State Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal; Mission High (Nation Books) by journalist Kristina Rizga; Don't Lick the Minivan (Skyhorse) by Leanne Shirtliffe; and Spitting in the Soup (VeloPress) by Mark Johnson.

Some of Jill's new and upcoming fiction includes the 2018 ITW Award for Best Paperback Original, Grievance (Lake Union) by Christine Bell; Edgar Award-nominee Queen's Gambit by Bradley Harper; City of Windows (Minotaur) by Robert Pobi; The Beloveds (Gallery) by Maureen Lindley; Trace of Evil (Minotaur) by Alice Blanchard;  A Place We Knew Well (Ballatine Books) by Susan Carol McCarthy; Watch Me (St. Martin’s Press) by Jody Gehrman; My Detective (Blackstone Publishing) by Jeffrey Fleishman; Moving Day (Thomas & Mercer) by Jonathon Stone;  The Nightmarchers (Gallery) by J. Lincoln Fenn; We, the Jury (Blackstone Publishing) by Robert Rotstein; Millard Salter’s Last Day (Gallery) by Jacob Appel; A Wolf in the Woods (part of the Ozarks Mystery series from Witness Impulse) and Juror #3 (a thriller written with James Patterson) by Nancy Allen; LA Times best-selling Benefit of the Doubt (Tor/Forge) by Neal Griffin;  and the Jaden Terrell series that includes the Shamus Award nominee Racing the Devil and A Cup Full of Midnight (The Permanent Press)

Please note that Jill is specifically not interested in: YA, children's books, sci-fi, romance, screenplays, graphic novels, poetry, novellas or anything involving unicorns.