Love and Other Conspiracies

Mallory Marlowe

Berkley, 2024

Agent: Jill Marr

The hardest thing for a paranormal conspiracy theorist and a web series producer to believe in is finding love in this swoony debut romantic comedy.
Hallie Barrett's life has imploded after she's dumped by her hotshot ex, who also happens to be her coworker and the star of the online series she was producing. Without a new show to present for the company competition, she’ll be out of a job. But inspiration can come from the strangest places . . . like the most handsome guy she’s ever seen passionately discussing Bigfoot on a late-night docuseries.
Hayden Hargrove made a name for himself as a cryptid expert on his hit podcast, and is intrigued by the plucky, blue-haired producer who offers him the opportunity to lead his own web show. When the production team sees that Hayden’s solo on-screen presence is bad enough to make a ghost blanch, Hallie jumps on camera too, hitting him (and his cryptids) with a healthy dose of skepticism—and enough chemistry to electrify their show to the top of the competition.
As Hayden and Hallie investigate the unknown, they unearth feelings for each other that shake their beliefs to the core. In their search for Mothman, aliens, and the truth, the most elusive discovery might just be learning to love again.


Mallory Marlowe awakened my Mulder-Scully ship obsession in the most thrilling way with her captivating debut that will leave even the most steadfast skeptics believing in love. The truth IS out there: Love and Other Conspiracies is a 10!--Jo Segura author of Raiders of the Lost Heart

Love and Other Conspiracies might not convince you that cryptids are real, but it will definitely convince you of Mallory Marlowe’s talent. Fresh, funny, and full of sizzling chemistry—the only conspiracy here is how Mallory managed to write a book that has every single thing I’ve ever wanted in one story.”—Lana Ferguson, USA Today bestselling author of The Fake Mate

"If Hayden and Hallie's show Out There were real, I would ABSOLUTELY be in the comment threads shipping them and posting timestamps for my favorite close encounters. Mallory Marlowe's debut Love and Other Conspiracies is the most fun possible -- chock-full of references to conspiracies that can be debated but also chemistry that can't be denied. I'm obsessed with this book!" - Alicia Thompson, USA Today bestselling author of With Love, from Cold World

“Love is no unsolved mystery in this heartfelt, delightfully fresh rom-com debut. Marlowe writes with feeling and humor of the wonder of believing in the impossible and the bravery of believing in yourself, and we loved every page.”—Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of The Breakup Tour

“Delightfully offbeat and achingly tender, with a refreshing sense of humor that ties together the romantic and the absurd. This debut is a gem, and Mallory Marlowe is a standout new voice in romance.”—Rachel Lynn Solomon, New York Times bestselling author of Business or Pleasure

"With it's super likeable characters, top notch romcom banter, and entertaining premise, Love and Other Conspiracies is tremendous fun. The chemistry between Hallie and Hayden absolutely sparkles, and I wish I could watch their show for real! I had such a fabulous time reading this warm and wonderfully adorable book!"—India Holton, international bestselling author of The Secret Service of Tea and Treason

“A technicolor love letter to cryptids, paranormal enthusiasts, and everyone who’s spent a night going down conspiracy rabbit holes, Love and Other Conspiracies dares to ask ‘are monster hunters, in all their nerdiness, sexy?’ and the answer is a resounding yes! Buoyed by vivid, complex leads, this hilarious, whip-smart, and tender story changes the game for rom-coms.”—Carlyn Greenwald, author of Sizzle Reel

"Combining totally unique characters with beloved tropes and a razor-sharp voice, Love and Other Conspiracies is a fresh delight.”—Kat Turner, author of Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll

"Balancing playful adventures with sincere self-examination, this book is a complete delight. Few things make my heart happier than a believer and a skeptic falling in love while diving headfirst into unsolved mysteries together, and Love and Other Conspiracies totally delivers on that premise. If you have a Mulder and Scully shaped hole in your heart, this one is for you!"—Bridget Morrissey, author of That Summer Feeling


"Love and Other Conspiracies was just the most charming read. I smiled from ear to ear the moment I cracked the book open until the very last page. This filled all the empty spaces in my nerdy heart. It cleared my skin and improved my credit rating. Inside me there are two wolves — one loves cryptozoology call-backs and one loves romance, and both are very pleased right now. You know when you get into a really good movie and you start yelling at the screen because you're so invested? I was yelling at this book, waiting for Hayden and Hallie to make a move on each other. I pretty much inhaled the entire book. It just made me so darn happy. I couldn't put it down, and I can't wait to read more of Mallory Marlowe.”—Ruby Dixon, USA Today bestselling author of Ice Planet Barbarians

"Love and Other Conspiracies is smart, hilarious, and swoony, with a perfect Mulder-Scully dynamic and a tender emotional core. It's the perfect romance for geeks, dreamers, and anyone struggling to find their way in the world. Mallory Marlowe's prose is lively and engaging, and her characters embrace oddball individuality, emotional vulnerability, and enthusiastic consent in a way that had me cheering, sighing, and swooning. Hallie was a vibrant and funny heroine I never stopped rooting for, and Hayden is now one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends. Seriously, call me Bigfoot and let that man hunt me down! Love and Other Conspiracies was gloriously nerdy, whimsically strange, and sweetly sexy, and I had an absolute blast reading it."--Sarah Hawley, author of A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon