This Is How We Play: A Celebration of Disability & Adaptation

Caroline Cupp, Jessica Slice

Dial Books, 2024

Agent: Jill Marr

A jubilant, inclusive, luminously illustrated picture book that features families at play, each with a family member who has a disability.

With love and adaptation, this is how we play! This joyful read-aloud with an empowering refrain, from disability rights activists Jessica Slice and Caroline Cupp, demystifies and respects how disabled people and their families use adaptive, imaginative, and considerate play so everyone can join in the fun.

Back matter consists of a kid-friendly guide to thinking, learning, and talking about disability; a glossary of the different disabilities represented throughout the book; and a guide for grown-ups on ways to encourage discussions about disabilities with the children in their lives. Throughout, This Is How We Play centers, affirms, and encourages the disabled children and adults who are already doing the challenging work of advocating for themselves and finding strength in community.