After the Apocolypse

Maureen McHugh

Small Beer Press , 2011

Agent: Elise Capron

The apocalypse is happening. These are the stories.

In After the Apocalypse, Maureen F. McHugh explores the catastrophes, small and large, of the twenty-first century life, and what follows after. What happens after the bird flu pandemic? Are our computers smarter than we are? What does the global economy mean for two young girls in China? Are we really who we say we are? And how will we survive the coming zombie apocalypse? 


Named one of the top 10 Best of the Year by Publishers Weekly

io9 Best SF&F Books of 2011

Tiptree Award Honor List

Philip K. Dick Award finalist

Story Prize Notable Book


“Beautiful…. A collection of stories is not necessarily a great collection, and one that flows as easily as the most compelling novel is a rare thing indeed, but After the Apocalypse is what a story collection should be: urgent, various, all of a piece. Whether she’s writing about disease or dirty bombs or refugee camps in Canada, McHugh focuses always on those people who suffer first and suffer most when things fall apart.”
The Nation

"Gorgeously crafted stories."

"Hauntingly beautiful."

"Unpredictable and poetic work."
The Plain Dealer