The Forgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success

Mike Hernacki,

Berkley, 1992

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Why does it always seem that successful people know something that the rest of us don't? Because they do! Mike Hernacki knows as well and makes the secret available to everyone in his book The Forgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success. He presents a means to achieve in any area--weight loss, job opportunity, health, fitness--any part of life that needs improvement.

Hernacki asserts that this great secret was the driving force behind all of our achievements in early childhood, including walking, talking, and reading. Unfortunately we forget this ability, through disuse or outside discouragement. Mike Hernacki tells us how to start using this power again to make a positive impact on our adult lives.

The book takes a step-by-step approach that guides the reader through all obstacles. The destructive power of fear is replaced by a "nothing to lose" mentality that is unstoppable.