Red Carpet Kiss

Melissa Brown

Montlake Romance, 2015

Agent: Jessica Watterson

After penning a series of bestselling novels, Eleanor Riley vowed to leave her past--and the man who broke her heart--far behind. As the creator of one of television's most beloved dramas, Elle couldn't have written a better comeback for herself. But her success doesn't leave much room in her life for romance--until Luke Kingston enters the scene.

Luke, a stunningly handsome star, is set to play the latest love interest in Elle's show--but he's got his eye on Elle, and she can't deny their sizzling chemistry. Then Elle has a chance encounter with Troy Saladino--the man who had been the love of her life--and suddenly a million old feelings are rushing back.

With two gorgeous men pursuing her, Elle can't decide who holds the key to her heart: her new love or her old flame. Will her choice bring her happiness--or more heartbreak?