The Third Rule of Ten: A Tenzing Norbu Mystery

Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay

Hay House, 2014

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Keep current with the truth: we are only as weak as our secrets; especially the ones we keep from ourselves. That's the Third Rule of Ten.

As the go-to private detective for a bevy of high-profile clients, our beloved ex-Buddhist monk, ex-Lapd officer, Tenzing Norbu, has finally found his stride. With his beautiful pathologist girlfriend, a healthy bank account, and a steady stream of clients, courtesy of middle-aged movie star Mac Gannon and rising political star Bets McMurtry's life is bursting with activity. But its not all joy and happiness. The death of his father and a growing abundance of secrets both personal and professional leave feeling an unexpected depth of sorrow and confusion. Even with the emotional turmoil, nothing can stop Ten from taking the case when McMurtry's housekeeper goes missing. The investigation leads him down a dangerous path littered with bodies, untraceable prescription drugs, and human organ trafficking. But nothing is as shocking as the realization that the mastermind behind it all is none other than Chaco Morales, a criminal that slipped through  hands once already. The Third Rule of Ten will have readers on the edges of their seats, as they learn, along with Ten, that there is a fine line between healthy privacy and unhealthy secrecy. Knowing the difference may just determine whether Ten will stop Chaco or lose himself.


“Tenzing ‘Ten’ Norbu may be the most interesting PI in modern crime fiction. The Third Rule of Ten, the third book in the series, is beautifully written and intricately plotted, but as always, it’s the heart and soul of Ten that carry the greatest appeal, drawing the reader on a spiritual journey that is as satisfying as the climax. I loved this book.”
Robert Ferrigno,New York Times best-selling author of the Assassin trilogy


The Third Rule of Ten will grab you by the throat and not let go. In Tenzing Norbu, Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay have created a Buddhist action hero (yes, there is such a thing) who is sympathetic, moral, and self-reflective. Crackling with wit, superbly drawn characters, and a blistering plot, The Third Rule of Ten will keep you going until you take a deep, meditative breath on the last page.”
Diane Mott Davidson, New York Times best-selling author of The Whole Enchilada