The Steps to the Supreme Court: A Guided Tour of the American Legal System

Peter Irons

John Wiley and Sons , 2012

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

A guide to the American legal system, told through the story of two actual court cases.

The Steps to the Supreme Court takes a lively, narrative approach to the subject by following two real cases--one civil, one criminal--as they work their way through the system all the way up to the Supreme Court. Written by a member of the Supreme Court bar, this book brings the legal system to life in a practical, accessible, and compelling way.

  • Covers the key legal terms, principles, and processes you need to have a basic grasp of the American legal system
  • Tracks the criminal case involving the murder trial of Paul House and follows the defendant from the night of the murder through his conviction, appeals, and final chance for exoneration at the hands of the Supreme Court
  • Follows a civil case concerning the Ten Commandments being displayed on public property, following the parties from the time the plaintiffs filed their complaints through the Supreme Court decisions and back to the aftermath in the lower courts as they wrestle with a divided complex ruling
  • Written by the author of A People's History of the Supreme Court, and other classic works on the American justice system