The Memory Bible: An innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young

Gary Small

Hyperion, 2002

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Clear, concise, prescriptive steps for improving memory loss and keeping the brain young from one of the world's top memory experts. Everybody forgets things sometimes--from your keys to your lunch date to the name of an acquaintance. According to Dr. Gary Small, the director of the UCLA Center on Aging, much of this forgetfulness can be eliminated easily through his innovative memory exercises and brain fitness program-- now available for the first time in a book. Using Small's recent scientific discoveries, The Memory Bible can immediately improve your mental performance. One of the ten commandments that Dr. Small has pioneered to improve your memory immediately is LOOK, SNAP, CONNECT:

1: LOOK: actively observe what you want to learn

2: SNAP: create a vivid snapshot and memorable image

3: CONNECT: visualize a link to associate images

In addition, Dr. Small's comprehensive program includes a "brain diet" of memory-enhancing foods and a list of the most effective drugs, as well as a workbook with a weekly and daily calendar. Remember, as Dr. Small says, "Great memories are not born, they are made."


New York Times bestseller


"Anyone who has ever forgotten their purse, wallet or cell phone and remembered it while stuck in traffic, or struggled to remember the name of a movie they just saw or a person they just met will find help in The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young. Neuroscientist Gary Small says that middle-aged people need to realize that they are all one day closer to Alzheimer's disease. He gives prescriptive tips for brain fitness, among them: minimize stress, do puzzles and brainteasers even eat antioxidant fruits and vegetables like prunes and blueberries." —Publisher's Weekly