Bumblebee Economics

Bernd Heinrich

Harvard University Press, 1979

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

"A magnificent book that combines the best of both writing and science. The text is clearly and concisely written--a rare find in scientific communication. Virtually anyone, but particularly ecologists, evolutionists, and entomologists, will find this book enjoyable and fascinating reading...Bumblebee Economics describes the heterothermic strategies of bumblebees in considerable detail, with lucid discussions of thermoregulation and its behavioral application...Heinrich has performed a masterful job of sharing his personal research efforts and those of others in his field. He has written an extremely interesting book and in the process has shown how one kind of organism can be used as a model to investigate behavior, physiology, ecology and evolution. Bumblebee Economics should serve as a model for good scientific writing."
Matthew M. Douglas Quarterly Review of Biology