I Am A Wolf

Kelly Leigh Miller

Dial, 2019

Agent: Thao Le

In this pet adoption story that's as laugh-out-loud funny as it is heart-tugging, a dog who insists she's a wolf finds the perfect home with a young girl who sees past her prickly personality.

When a particularly growly pup finds herself in an animal shelter, she insists that she is a wolf--a lone wolf. After all, she's not sweet, she's not cute, and she is just fine on her own! Luckily, there's one little girl at the shelter who knows that sometimes, good dogs act bad when they feel afraid and that extending a little kindness can help even the most wolfish pup at the pound let down her guard.


• Amazon's Best of the Month for May's Picture Books for 2019


"A joyful debut, starring a stray with the force of personality, if definitely not the disposition, of a Chris Raschka dog."
"This readaloud is sweet and silly, switching between digitally drawn images of Wolf, a cute, spherical blob with long ears and twig legs, bouncing with excitement or looking so sad that her chin wobbles; Wolf’s goofy grin on the last page will be contagious to kids and adult readers-aloud... Kids with a weak spot for off-the-wall pets will get a kick out of this one."
—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
"Working digitally, newcomer Miller creates her cartoon characters with emphatic swatches of matte color against generous white space. Lovable."
Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"Debut creator Miller’s boldly expressive cartoons show the varying temperaments of dogs and humans. Even the lone wolves of the world, her friendly story suggests, need love."
Publisher's Weekly