Quantum Business

Bobbi DePorter, Mike Hernacki

Dell, 1997

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Business has never been this good!

Make Quantum leaps in your business and career by discovering:
The Eight Keys of Excellence
Communication That Builds Relationships
How to Develop Win/Win Working Partnerships
Adaptability and Flexibility in a Changing Marketplace
Speed Reading, Impactful Writing, and Improved Note-Taking
How to Conduct Meeting and Produce Results

Unleash your natural genius...and your self-confidence will soar!  Follow these proven principles to advancement, respect...and success!  Quantum Business builds on the foundation of Quantum Learning, the breakthrough method for developing superior mind power that has been revolutionizing how people learn the world over.

Whether you're starting a career, changing jobs, or growing a company, Quantum Business shows you a whole new way to go--a more creative team-oriented approach that is a groundbreaking blend of accelerated learning techniques and powerful management strategies.  

Quantum Business is a hands-on, practical workbook that puts the keys to success in your hands today.  The results: less stress, better performance, and a more fulfilling way of doing business that will make you a winner in your career and your life.  

"I chose a Quantum Business workshop for my company's Day of Excellence. It was one of the most memorable, energizing, and helpful infusions of information and techniques we've ever experienced." 
Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. Co-author, The One Minute Manager

"For anyone who wishes to be a leader, Quantum Business needs to be on their 21st-century library shelf." 
Tony Buzan, Chairman of The Brain Foundation, author of The Mind Map Book

"Every person in business needs both to continue to learn and to create a positive work environment. This book is a highly useful guide to personal development in both areas." 
J. Michael Giles, CEO of Merrill Lynch International Private Banking Group

"Good news for the future of global business! Bobbi DePorter once again takes a quantum leap in offering us yet another enlightening, comprehensive, and practical guide to achieving success in business and life. Bravo!" 
Chungliang Al Huang, author of Embrace the TigerReturn to the Mountain, and co-author of Mentoring

"This book offers many insightful and meaningful ideas for business and career success. Worth reading!" 
Bill Johnson, Chairman Emeritus IC Industries/Whitman Corporation