Information Inequality: The Deepening Social Crisis In America

Herbert Schiller,

Taylor and Francis, 1995

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Herbert Schiller, long one of America's leading critics of the communications industry, here offers a salvo in the battle over information. In Information Inequality he explains how privatization and the corporate economy directly affect our most highly prized democratic institutions: schools and libraries, media, and political culture. A master media-watcher, Schiller presents a crisp and far-reaching indictment of the "data deprivation" corporate interests are inflicting on the social fabric.

"Information Inequality presents a telling account of the current shift in the information landscape from a model of social accountability to a more privatized corporate model. This is must reading for information professionals who maintain some sort of professional literacy.... The book provides a concise and poignant 50-year history of cultural and informational institutions in the United States.... All who are concerned about these issues must study this book."
Journal of Government Information