To Believe in Women: What Lesbians Have Done for America - A History

Lillian Faderman

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1999

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

This landmark work of lesbian history focuses on how certain late-nineteenth-century and twentieth-century women whose lives can be described as lesbian were in the forefront of the battle to secure the rights and privileges that large numbers of Americans enjoy today. Lillian Faderman persuasively argues that their lesbianism may in fact have facilitated their accomplishments. A book of impeccable research and compelling readability, To Believe in Women will be a source of enlightenment for all, and for many a singular source of pride.

"An essential and impassioned addition to American history."
Kirkus Reviews

"For those who need a dose of pride and a slice of history, Faderman's portraits should strike a popular note. To Believe in Women is a decent starting point for learning about these pioneers and their contributions to American life."
New York Times

"Solid historical research and analysis in a voice that is easily accessible and often quite moving."
Washington Post

"This book will raise eyebrows and consciousness."
Dianne Wood Middlebrook