An Owl in the House: A Naturalist's Diary

Bernd Heinrich

Joy Street, 1990

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

This remarkable journal invites readers to share in the author's experience of discovering and caring for a great horned owlet too young to fly or survive on its own. Carefully detailed notes and sketches chronicle the fascinating story of "Bubo," his behavior and development, and the bond that forms between bird and scientist as the author attempts the daunting task of teaching the owlet skills it will ultimately need to survive in the wild by itself.

There is much to savor and learn within these pages. Packed with up-close observations, rich in anecdotes, and illustrated in loving detail with the author's own drawings and photographs, An Owl in the House beautifully brings to life an experience few of us are ever likely to enjoy. Dr. Heinrich's telling gracefully straddles the line between formal science and sheer love of the wild, making this an engaging and compelling read for animal lovers everywhere and an especially good field introduction for budding naturalists.