Summer World: A Season of Bounty

Bernd Heinrich

HarperCollins, 2009

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

How can cicadas survive, and thrive, at temperatures pushing 115°F? Do hummingbirds know what they're up against before they migrate over the Gulf of Mexico? Why do some trees stop growing taller even when three months of warm weather remain? With awe and unmatched expertise, Bernd Heinrich's Summer World never stops exploring the beautifully complex interactions of animals and plants with nature, giving extraordinary depth to the relationships between habitat and the warming of the earth.


“In his pursuit of actively observing his camp in the forests of western Maine and the woods, beaver boy and gardens around his Vermont home, Heinrich delights with the surprising activities of local flora and fauna….”
Publisher's Weekly

“These lovely essays, meticulously etched and based on impassioned but exacting scientific research, illustrate why Bernd Heinrich is generally regarded as the most truly Thoreauvian of modern natural history writers.”
Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, and Pulitzer-winning author of On Human Nature.

“It's possible there's a better guide to the world around us than Bernd Heinrich, but I've not come across him. This is the book that will get you out the door into the season!”
Bill McKibben, environmentalist, educator, and author of End of Nature and Deep Economy