The Trees in My Forest

Bernd Heinrich

HarperCollins, 1997

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

The soaring majesty of a virgin forest and the intertwined relationships of plant, animal and man are the subject of Bernd Heinrich's lyrical elegy. Heinrich has spent a lifetime observing the natural world, and now he shares his vast knowledge and reflections on the trees of the Northeast woods and the rhythms of their seasons.

From the DNA contained in an apple seed to the great choiring branches far beyond a young boy's reach, Heinrich explores a natural world in scientific and personal terms. Heinrich is a scientist, but his words speak with the power and subtle grace of a poet. He uses this gift, and his intimate knowledge of his 300 acres of Maine forest, to expose the forest's rhythms and in doing so, illustrates the vital but tenuous link among man, trees, birds, insects and all the creatures of the forest. Thanks to Bernd Heinrich, readers will finally see the forest and the trees.


Winner of the New England Book Award in the Best Nonfiction category

Recipient of the Franklin Fairbanks Award