Jade Chandler

I am Jade Chandler mother, marketer, and author. Being a mother and a wife has always been a passion and priority for me, even more than my career in marketing. As my children grew older, they needed less of my attention, so I turned my love of reading romance into a love of writing romance.

From my youngest days, I have attempted to be an author writing stories about cartoon characters, which turned into stories of teens as I became a teen myself, and then romances. 

A true-believer in happily ever after, romance has always held the number one place on my book shelf, and now my tablet. I enjoy escaping to new worlds and meeting all kinds of people who live in the imagination of others. Now that I have brought my imaginary world to life, I find I cannot write fast enough to bring those ideas to you.

Growing up in rural Missouri, I have moved from a country girl to a suburban Mom who loves the convenience and rich culture of Kansas City. When not writing, serving as taxi or generally ignored peace keeper, I enjoy time catching up on my Netflix binge list, endless reading list, and passing on my obsession with super heroes to my children. 

My floor may not always be vacuumed, but laughter and craziness surrounds our family of four, spurred on by our cat, dog, and school of fish.

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Books by Jade Chandler

Get Away (Brotherhood Bonds)

Carina Press, 2019

Bail Out: Brotherhood Bonds

Carina Press, 2017